Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Staying Ahead of the Game: Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Keeping the kitchen clean is the most critical challenge as there are multiple activities going on in the kitchen. If there is no system for cleaning then the whole place can crumble down one day.



In order to maintain a proper regime of commercial kitchen cleaning, you will have to come up with a plan or a schedule. Based on the working in the kitchen few areas and few types of equipment requires everyday cleaning while few require weekly or monthly cleaning. So keeping this in mind we have come up with a commercial kitchen cleaning schedule for you. Take a look.


Now, since it is a commercial kitchen, it is well-advised to hire a commercial cleaning service for getting the job done. The commercial and office cleaners are so well versed that they know exactly what is to be done on a daily basis and which needs to be catered at a later stage. It would be great if you could sign a contract for commercial kitchen cleaning purposes with companies providing these services.


Everyday Cleaning Tasks:


    • Cleaning the grease traps

    • Changing the flat tops foil linings along with the grill and range

    • Washing the can opener

    • Running the filters of the hood all through the dishwasher


Weekly Cleaning Tasks:


    • Emptying the coolers and washing them before sanitising them

    • Deliming the faucets and the sinks

    • Thoroughly cleaning the coffee machine

    • Cleaning the oven and wiping it dry

    • Sharpening the knives

    • Cleaning the floors with drain cleaners


Monthly Cleaning Tasks:

  • Cleaning and washing the entire area behind the stove, oven and fryers by eliminating the grease
  • Thorough cleaning of the freezers
  • Emptying the Ice machine and sanitising them
  • The calibration of the ovens and thermometers
  • The cheese and meat slicer to be sharpened
  • Washing the entire ceiling and walls of the kitchen
  • Cleaning and wiping the dry storage area ensuring no humidity stays
  • The pest straps need to be changed
  • Checking and restocking the first aid kit if required
  • Updation of the safety data sheet


When it comes to annual cleaning, things like checking the fire vents, the air vents, water connections and the piple lines come into action.


This surely is a great task no doubt. But hiring a professional cleaning service will make it super easy for you. Although we have suggested the checklist to be followed for kitchen cleaning, it is best to take professional assistance. 

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