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What is NDIS cleaning

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, popularly known as NDIS, provides support and peace of mind to Australians with significant disabilities who require assistance or products which will help them to lead a normal, productive and quality life.

Today, there are more than 3 million Australians who have disabilities. And an early intervention, either for a child or adult, can help to reduce the impacts of their disability. This particular scheme assists Australians who are under the age of 65 and with permanent and significant disabilities in providing the support, services and products which aid them in participating in the community and attaining their goals.

When it comes to cleaning, NDIS funds this plan if it includes Assistance with Daily Living funding. This allows you to hire support and service providers who can assist you with cleaning and home maintenance.

H&C Professional Cleaning offers NDIS home cleaning services at reasonable prices. We understand that a clean environment brings a change and impacts the surroundings, which is beneficial for our wellbeing. But we also know navigating the NDIS plan can be challenging and overwhelming. Therefore, we provide professional assistance in NDIS cleaning and ensure that the job is done well, saving time, energy and money.

What’s Included?

While there are a number of advantages of hiring an NDIS cleaning service, it is also essential that you know the services it includes. It should be noted that you may as well customise the services to suit your requirements, but the typical NDIS house cleaning service involves:

• Vacuuming
• Fridge and oven cleaning
• House and bathroom cleaning
• Dusting
• Cleaning of kitchen surfaces
• Garage cleaning, among others.

Unlike several cleaning and home maintenance service providers, H&C Professional Cleaning offers the assistance of NDIS cleaning services and provides the support that is much needed for Australians with permanent and significant disabilities.

Contact us today to know more about NDIS cleaning and the varied aspects that are involved in this plan.

Customer Reviews

  • Sherin Goregy

    They did a great job for a deep clean, was keen about customer satisfaction. Very good customer service

  • Ben Vitale

    Would highly recommend these guys for thorough, professional cleaning and the fact they are attentive to your needs and requirements

  • Bhavin Mehta

    Hong and team did a good job with end of lease cleaning at my unit in Parramatta. Huang was responsive and timely. Thanks team for your hard work 👍.

  • Jocelyn Zhang

    We have had HC professional to clean our first house in Kellyvillie. They have done an amazing job for us! highly recommended!!!

  • Cheryl Dodson

    I have four children and keeping my house and clean is not an easy task but thanks to H&C Professional Cleaning Services. I have more time to spend with my family.

  • Zac Murray

    I have a small and busy professional office. H&C cleaning has been great in providing a clean and organised work environment for my staff. Their cleaning is reliable and diligent. Highly recommended.

  • Karen Olsen

    I am a working mother and my husband works full time also. We both are busy working during the week so we spend weekends resting or giving time to each other and this has been possible because of H&C cleaning. Now we don’t have to worry about our routine cleaning.



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