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Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning by H&C Professional Cleaning

Have you been ignoring your house for months? Has the property not seen any professional top to bottom deluxe cleaning service in a while? Now is just the time when you want to book H&C Professional Cleaning for a deep house cleaning service for your house. With all that grime settling on the tiles and the skirting board, it can become quite hard to imagine a fresh and clean surrounding. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what we promise to deliver.

Once our dedicated cleaning staff is done with the place, you'll have a spotless haven to relax in - one that uplifts dwellers' mood and welcomes guests. Reaching to the tiniest corners and the furthest spots, this professional cleaning team will make sure not a single speck of dust escapes their wrath!

What do our Deep Cleaning services hold in store for you?

Taking it a step further than the recurring cleaning service, deep cleaning of your house is a more comprehensive step-by-step procedure for detailed cleaning and sanitisation of the space. The service is all about attention to detail, so every room, bathroom, and kitchen will experience thorough scrubbing, wiping, dusting, or cleaning, depending on what suits the surface best.

As you would expect, it will take longer to complete than regular house cleaning. Keep an estimate of around an hour for every room. So if you have a 3-bed villa, keep in mind a 3 to 4-hour time frame for the house cleaning service.

If you’ve haven’t ever had your house professionally deep cleaned, now is the excellent time to try it out! Living in a sanitary environment has plenty of health benefits and is an absolute necessity if you have young children. Not to mention the positive impact on your thoughts and mood when you have a clean and tidy environment to breathe in.

Why is H&C Professional Cleaning the best deep cleaning service in town?

Having a team of cleaners walking into your house with a bunch of chemicals and equipment can be a question of trust. You can’t just have anyone giving your house a deep cleaning with the confidence that they’ll do it right without posing any harm to your belongings.

That’s why so many homeowners pick H&C Professional Cleaning as the go-to choice for reputable and reliable house cleaning services. That’s not all! While you can put complete confidence in us with your valuable, fragile, and important belongings, we’ll also surprise you with our thorough, all-round deep cleaning results. We tailor our services to match your specific requirements and schedules. If you don’t want to be around when your house is being deep cleaned, you can easily choose a time when you’re not around. We’ll be in and out before you step into a fresh, clean house, looking better than you ever saw it!

We value your home like our own

We understand how much your home means to you. We value the home of each and every client as our own. We wouldn’t welcome strangers in our house and will take every measure to do the same for you. Besides being police checked and insured, each of our deep cleaning workers has also passed rigorous skills and knowledge tests before being selected for cleaning your home.

Our superior deep house cleaning crew handles every project in the most professional and comprehensive manner possible. Once they’ve treated your house, you’ll find sparkling floors, spotless surfaces, and beaming windows in every direction you turn.

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Top-to-bottom cleaning refers to a highly detailed cleaning procedure for a house. It involves a thorough scrubbing, wiping, dusting, and cleaning of every room, bathroom, and kitchen, with a focus on attention to detail. This service goes beyond regular house cleaning, providing a deep and exhaustive clean.

The time it takes to clean a house from top-to-bottom cleaning depends on factors such as the size of the house and the number of rooms. As a general estimate, you can plan for around an hour for each room. For example, a 3-bedroom villa may require a 3 to 4-hour time frame for the complete top-to-bottom cleaning service.

The choice between cleaning your house from top to bottom or bottom to top depends on personal preference and efficiency. However, the top-to-bottom cleaning approach is often recommended as it prevents dust and debris from settling on previously cleaned surfaces.

To do proper house cleaning from top to bottom, start with higher surfaces and work your way down. Begin by dusting ceiling corners, light fixtures, and shelves, then move on to cleaning surfaces at eye level, and finally, clean floors last. This systematic approach ensures that dirt and dust are effectively removed, providing a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning experience for your home.

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