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What is DVA cleaning

DVA stands for Department of Veterans’ Affairs, which is an Australian Government department responsible for providing and implementing varied services assisting veteran and defence force communities.

As Australian citizens of this country, it is crucial for us to appreciate the services of the veterans and realise that they are a valuable part of the community who deserves to have their requirements, needs or wants met. Today most veterans are somewhat 65 years old or older than that and require the support and assistance to get daily tasks done, such as the routine cleaning chores at home.

H&C Professional Cleaning provides the DVA cleaning service and takes care of the cleaning chores, domestic or commercial, for the veteran community. Through DVA funding arrangements, we aim to provide quality support for veterans and maintain their residential homes when it comes to cleaning without the veteran community spending even a cent.

What’s Included?

If your line of service entitles you to the advantages of DVA cleaning, then you deserve it. The DVA cleaning process employed by our professionals involves:

• Dusting
• Cleaning windows
• Sanitise and disinfect
• Vacuuming and wiping down all floors

It should be noted that not every cleaning service is familiar with DVA or provides this particular cleaning service. H&C Professional Cleaning is among a few cleaning services that provide DVA cleaning service to ensure that veterans like you continue living a quality life.

Unlike other cleaning services, when you choose H&C Professional Cleaning, you choose DVA certified cleaners and an amazing range of cleaning services for veterans living independently. We understand the impact of a clean environment on mental health, well-being and productivity, which is why we provide quality and affordable DVA cleaning services that suit your requirements while rendering convenience in time and place and flexibility in services.

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Customer Reviews

  • Sherin Goregy

    They did a great job for a deep clean, was keen about customer satisfaction. Very good customer service

  • Ben Vitale

    Would highly recommend these guys for thorough, professional cleaning and the fact they are attentive to your needs and requirements

  • Bhavin Mehta

    Hong and team did a good job with end of lease cleaning at my unit in Parramatta. Huang was responsive and timely. Thanks team for your hard work 👍.

  • Jocelyn Zhang

    We have had HC professional to clean our first house in Kellyvillie. They have done an amazing job for us! highly recommended!!!

  • Cheryl Dodson

    I have four children and keeping my house and clean is not an easy task but thanks to H&C Professional Cleaning Services. I have more time to spend with my family.

  • Zac Murray

    I have a small and busy professional office. H&C cleaning has been great in providing a clean and organised work environment for my staff. Their cleaning is reliable and diligent. Highly recommended.

  • Karen Olsen

    I am a working mother and my husband works full time also. We both are busy working during the week so we spend weekends resting or giving time to each other and this has been possible because of H&C cleaning. Now we don’t have to worry about our routine cleaning.



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