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General House Cleaning

General House Cleaning by H&C Professional Cleaning

Cleaning and keeping the house neat and tidy actually takes a lot of work. The busy schedule and regular routine, rather make it hard to stay on top of the cleaning regime.H&C Professional Cleaning Services specializes in the general cleaning of the house. We expertise in easily streamlining the complete home cleaning regime for an efficient and super effective cleanliness routine. You need not bother about the scrubbing, dusting, mopping or any cleaning at all - H&C will take care of it all. Our standard home cleaning service is the perfect option for you to keep your living space in excellent shape all the time.

Our General House Cleaning Services include

Living Room and Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Empty waste bins
Wipe surfaces, switches, and doorknobs
Vacuum carpets
Mop floors
Remove spider webs
Wipe windowsills
Dust furniture
Make beds
Mop hallways
Mop stairways
Tidy toys and other things on the floor

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Wipe fridge from outside
Wipe all surfaces
Clean countertop
Clean sink
Clean stovetop
Clean oven from outside
Clean the exterior of all large appliances, including microwave oven
Wipe kitchen cabinets from outside

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Clean toilet
Clean counter and sink
Clean shower compartment/bathtub
Clean all surfaces
Empty bins and replace liners
Wipe the outside of cabinets

Our Cleaning Services Addons

End of Lease Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Cabinets and drawers from inside
Fridge interior
Steam cleaning of carpets
Cleaning walls
Cleaning blinds
Oven from inside

Here's what our House Cleaning Services doesn't include

Wiping down chandeliers, light bulbs, areas that aren’t accessible even by a step ladder, gardening chores, placing dishes in cabinets, and cleaning pet waste.


Leave the elbow grease to us

Whether you have a big house to manage or a small studio apartment, whether you keep it neat and tidy or live in a mess, we are just the cleaning company for you. You can count on us to provide you with the most trusted, professional, and insured house cleaners to turn your living space into a spotless haven.

Only after proper police reference checks and insurance guarantees do we allow these regular cleaners to enter your house. They use only pet-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products so that the health of your pets and kids aren't compromised.


Professional cleaning at prices you will love!

Tired of paying overpriced residential cleaning in Australia when you could handle the same quality of work on your own? Say hello to a professional cleaning service, the like of which you'll never have witnessed before! What's more? You'll love the prices we bring for you. Once you've seen the flawless cleaning we give in return for the nominal rates, it will be impossible to hold yourself back from booking us again.


Bringing you only the best!

Our house cleaning services are customized for your requirements, so you enjoy the same impressive results each time. When booking H&C Professional Cleaning, here's what you get:
  • Flat home cleaning rates, no hidden costs
  • Online booking within minutes
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products
  • Insured, friendly, professional, reliable cleaners
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

    The only cleaning company you can count on!

    There must be a reason why so many homeowners in the Hill District are turning to H&C Professional Cleaning. It’s becoming a fast-growing trend because of the phenomenal prices, superior quality, and friendly staff you’ll find here.

    It’s time to gear up against that greasy kitchen and dusty floors. Book us today and have a fresh, sparkly home that will look way cooler than what you’re imagining right now!



    Leave The Clean For Us