Professional Cleaning Services What To Look For In A Company

Professional Cleaning Services: What To Look For In A Company

In our modern, fast-paced lifestyle, we hardly get time to clean our house. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to seek professional cleaning services from a reliable and trusted cleaning company. However, hiring a house cleaner is a big decision as you have to give complete access to your house to a stranger.

Questions that may come to your mind, include: Can I trust this company? Is the person doing the job a professional?. At H&C Professional Cleaning, we understand all your concerns, which is why we offer an entirely transparent home cleaning service to aid you in your individual family needs.

Choosing a trustworthy house cleaning company is a daunting task which is why we have listed a few important points you should be inquiring about your potential house cleaning company prior to hiring them. Given below are some questions that you should ask your cleaning company before they take on the responsibility of cleaning your house.

1. Are You Licensed?

One of the very first questions that you must ask your prospective residential cleaning company is, if they have the licence. Licensing means that the cleaning company or the individual is licensed to work as a business by the state.

A licensed company is committed and will not just leave one day without giving any prior notice. This will give you the advantage of being informed to make prior arrangements if the cleaning company is to terminate their services.

2. Do You Offer a Bond and Insurance?

This is the next question that you should ask your cleaning company. Bonding is a type of insurance that businesses acquire so that if their employees break or steal something in your house, they can file a claim which makes sure that you are compensated or the item is replaced.

If you hire a cleaning company which does not offer any bond or insurance and the personnel decides to steal items from your house, then you will not be able to get any help as there will be no one to compensate you.

3. How Many Workers Will Attend My House?

Different businesses may send different staff to your house; however there are some that will make sure to send the same person. Mostly, people prefer the same person to come over to their property everyday as this helps in building trust and promotes accountability. If an item goes missing from your house, you won’t hesitate to ask the personnel.

Some companies may send a team of professional cleaners whereas others may send a single personnel. A single person can work more effectively than a team of workers. This is so because a team will inevitably waste time discussing and talking. Moreover, you can monitor a single person doing his/her work quietly while being around as compared to a team.

However, a team of cleaners will get the job done in considerably less time as compared to a single house cleaner. It’s completely your choice who to hire based on your preferences. If you prefer accountability more than speed, then you should choose the company that sends a single cleaner to get you the job done.

4. Do You Bring Cleaning Equipment?

Some cleaning companies ask you to provide the material that will be used for cleaning your house. On the other hand, some others may require you to provide both the material and equipment to be used. Therefore, you should ask this important question when making an inquiry with your cleaning company.

5. How Much Do You Charge?

Every company has their own different pricing plans, some charge by the number of personnel they send, others charge per hour, and some others charge per project. Compare the different prices of the companies if possible and choose the company that has the best charging rates according to the services they are offering.

H&C recommends going for quality instead of hiring cheap cleaners who will do a messy job. Find out about the reputation of the company before you hire any personnel from that company.

6. How Long Have You Been Offering Cleaning Services?

Also inquire the company about the period of time that they have been in the professional cleaning services. Furthermore, ask their staff since when they have been in the cleaning field. This will aid you in making your decision with trust after knowing for how long they have been providing services, giving you an idea about their experience.

These common questions are a must ask for every individual who is looking forward to hiring a professional company for residential cleaning. However, you can ask other questions as well based on your needs and preferences. 

Keep the load off your shoulders and consider hiring H&C Professional Cleaning as we are dedicated to offer the best cleaning services, making us the top choice for cleaning services in Australia. 

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