What You Should Know About Residential Cleaning?

Professional residential cleaning has become a popular service where H&C Professional Cleaning strives to bring a difference in the cleaning industry with quality work and top-notch experts. And it is quite amazing to outsource your house cleaning to professionals since it not only provides you with the leisure time that you can invest or spend on something you wish to do but also offer you a detailed cleaning job that maximises clean, healthy and hygienic environment. 

You should be utilising this service to focus most of your time on your family, new hobby or social obligations. However, there are still individuals out there who want to use this service but are not sure what the service entails and what to expect from the services of the cleaners. Therefore, our professional cleaners are here for you today to explain everything that residential cleaning covers. 

Residential Cleaning Checklist

A home cleaning checklist involves agendas for multiple spaces of your house, from a restroom to the bedroom. 

1. Kitchen cleaning checklist

  • Wiping the shelves, countertops and cabinets.
  • Dusting the top of the fridge and cleaning the exterior of the appliances present in the kitchen space. 
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors. 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the stovetops. 
  • Scrubbing and polishing the sink and taps.
  • Wiping and polishing the outside of the fridge.
  • Cleaning kitchen bench tops & backsplashes.
  • Cleaning inside and outside of the microwave.

2. Restroom cleaning checklist

  • Wiping down the cabinet fronts and vanity countertops. 
  • Windexing mirrors.
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting toilets.
  • Polishing the fixtures.
  • Scrubbing the bathtub, shower and tiles.
  • Removing soap scum and mould.
  • Mopping and vacuuming the floor.
  • Dusting light fixtures. 

3. Bedroom, including other rooms\’ cleaning checklist

  • Removing cobwebs and wiping light switches. 
  • Vacuuming all floors.
  • Dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Dusting blinds and window sills.
  • Dusting furniture and skirting board.
  • Dusting lamps and lampshades
  • Dusting pictures and wall art.
  • Dusting stair rail.
  • Dusting television, bookcase and door frame.
  • Tidying bed and cushion on the lounge.
  • Moping all hard surface floors.

Tasks That Doesn\’t Come Under The Professional Cleaners\’ Job Description

When you hire a cleaning company for its professional cleaning service, note that there is some of the work of your house that you shouldn\’t be expecting your cleaners to do. 

The cleaners shouldn\’t be tidying up your house before cleaning.

As a customer or probably a potential client, you must understand the difference between a residential cleaning service and the usual mess that goes in your house. When you are hiring a cleaner to clean your bedrooms, picking up the dirty clothes or even folding or ironing the washed clothes is not something they are supposed to do. In fact, you should be tidying up the space and getting rid of the items that clutter the surface so that the cleaners can move more quickly around your home while doing the job perfectly in the estimated time. Also, you wouldn\’t want the cleaners to waste their time picking up the magazines when they can start with the dusting duty. 

Don\’t expect professional cleaners to run your personal errands.

Buying grocery items or unclogging your toilet is not something that fits in your cleaner\’s job description. You should know that professional cleaners\’ duties are limited to the inside of your house and related to the cleaning of specified areas of the house. 

Residential Cleaning Service By H&C Professional Cleaning

When it comes to residential cleaning, H&C Professional Cleaning offers general house cleaning and recurring cleaning. While you can be specific about any room or area of your house that you need properly cleaned, general house cleaning allows you to select the package that provides you with bathroom, kitchen and bedroom cleaning checklists and recurring cleaning that furnishes with regular house cleaning.

We also provide hassle-free add-ons to our cleaning services that comprise but are not limited to dishwashing, steam cleaning of carpets, cleaning walls and cleaning the interior of the fridge. 

Hiring a professional residential cleaner allows you to take the pressure of keeping your house clean while balancing your work life and personal life. When you come back to your home from work or after picking up your kids from school, you probably don\’t want to set foot in a space that looks messy and requires you to make your cleaning checklist. Also, it\’s not that simple to know exactly where to start the cleaning process and which equipment and products can help you in achieving the best possible cleaning task. 

When you choose us, you get the benefit of different types of cleaning services along with the opportunity to free up your precious time that you can spend doing something that gives you immense happiness, stabilising your work-life balance. 

Bear in mind that you understand your cleaning requirements, the various tasks that the professional residential cleaners are required to do, or the services a professional cleaning company involves so that you commit to a company that meets your expectations. 
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