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Cleaning Frequency: Tips to Schedule Your Cleaning Activities

When it comes to caring for your home, it’s always a question of time. How many hours do you spend decluttering and mopping up the floors? How many times a month do you give the bathroom a deep cleaning? Which cleaning activities do you handle daily? 

You may have your own timetable for keeping your home tidy. Then again, you might be spending more time on tasks that require less work and ignoring chores that should be done on a weekly basis. 

There is a time element to every task in your “to-clean” list. If you want to avoid spending an unnecessary amount of time and energy on simpler activities, you need to know how long it takes to do a good job on a certain chore.

Reserving more time for yourself and your family while ensuring that your home is constantly cleaned is very much possible. All you need is to come up with a cleaning schedule that works well for you:


Determining your daily routines

There are a number of cleaning tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. These include sweeping the floor, wiping down the dining table and countertops, and cleaning the sinks. On top of that, you also need to wash the dishes after every meal and do the laundry. You wouldn’t want dirty underwear to stack up over time. And of course, you can’t start the day without doing the simplest task of all: making your bed. As easy as they are, doing these daily routines gives you less to worry about when the time comes for a major deep cleaning.  


What to wipe each week? 

For your weekly cleaning, you can start by cleaning the inside of your microwave and give the other appliances a thorough wipe. On top of that, you also need to prevent dust from accumulating around your home. Dusting furniture and other fixtures each week can keep debris under control. You might also want to check the fridge and see if they are any food items that have gone off. Simply discard anything that’s expired and use a baking soda solution to wipe away any lingering odors. Finally, make sure to sanitise your sponges using dishwashing soap. Still, it’s advisable that you replace your sponges every two weeks and use them only for washing the dishes and wiping down the sinks. 


Monthly housekeeping activities 

Make a healthy habit out of dusting the blinds, curtains, and vents every month. You should also take the time to clear out any debris that has gotten stuck in your vacuum cleaner. Also, make sure to give larger fixtures a thorough wipe down. Be sure to clear any dust or debris that lies underneath the beds, sofas, and cabinets. You can also spend time cleaning exterior areas like the porch, terrace, or balcony. Finally, clean the inside of your oven and get rid of any hardened, baked-on grease. Depending on how frequently you use your oven, this chore might take a while to accomplish.


Need help with heavy-duty cleaning

For sure, there are a number of cleaning activities that are best handled on a yearly basis, most of which require special tools and methods. Then again, deep cleaning your home each year helps maintain a healthier and safer atmosphere for your family. 

If you don’t have the time and expertise to handle a major deep home cleaning, you might as well hire a reliable cleaning service for that. If you are in the Hills District, consider reaching out to H&C Professional Cleaning to give your home the TLC it deserves.

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