How to Clean Your Mirrors: Dos and Don’ts for Streak-Free Sparkle

Domestic house cleaning isn’t complete without an extensive mirror cleaning. Water splashes, fingerprints, and dust won’t let your bathroom mirrors stay clean for long. What’s even more annoying are the unsightly streaks you’ll find once the mirror you cleaned so vigorously dries.


Getting a spot-free, streak-free mirror isn’t that big of a challenge if you know certain dos and don’t of mirror cleaning. Keep reading to learn about the best way to clean your mirrors, together with tips that will make the job easier, and certain things that need to be avoided.


How to Clean Mirrors: Step-by-step Guide

Follow the steps for a spot-free mirror within minutes:

1. Wipe dry

Wiping with a wet cloth may be your first instinct, but it will only spread the dust around the surface, creating an even bigger mess. Instead, wipe with a clean, dry cloth to get rid of the dust. Force out dust from the corners using an old toothbrush.


2. Remove stains

If there are any tough stains on the mirrors, like toothpaste marks, dip cotton in a little alcohol, and scrub it on the stains.


3. Clean the mirror

You can use any glass cleaner or create a homemade solution, mixing equal quantities of water
and white vinegar. Add the solution to a sprayer bottle and mist the surface from a distance. Use minimal solution, or you’ll end up with those nasty streak marks. Wipe with a clean cloth. Spray the mirror bit by bit, working from top to bottom, wiping it clean as you go. Wipe it in circular motions to prevent streaks.


4. Dry-wipe with a microfiber cloth

If you find any spots on the cleaned mirror, wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth. A few swipes are enough to buff the mirror clean.


Mirror Cleaning Dos

1. Do use alcohol

Alcohol is the perfect partner for all your glass surfaces. Rubbing alcohol with a cotton pad
weakens the bond of the stain with the mirror so it can easily be swiped off.

 2. Do use cotton

Cotton pads are ideal for wiping cleaning solutions or rubbing alcohol. Don’t use scrubs or abrasive cloths as they may damage the surface or leave streaks.

3. Keep mirror dry

Wet mirrors aren’t just unsightly but also prone to damages. Keep the surface dry all the time. Avoid splashing water on the bathroom mirrors and get in the habit of wiping it dry before leaving the bathroom.


Mirror Cleaning Don’ts

1. Don’t use a paper towel

Although it may sound like a good mirror cleaning service accessory, it’s not! Don’t use paper towels on your mirrors since it leaves residues on the surface, making it look dusty.

2.  Don’t overspray cleaner

The goal is to not soak the mirror. If the cleaning solution drips from the surface, it will become
harder to clean. Lightly mist it over the surface before wiping the mirror dry.

3. Don’t use newspaper

Newspapers have long since been used for cleaning glass surfaces. But with the reduction in the quality of ink being used in the modern-day newspapers, they’re not the best materials for a mirror cleaning job today.

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