11 Must-haves When Looking for Office Cleaning Services

Your office needs to be clean and neat to maintain hygiene and basic etiquette. Hiring a commercial office cleaning services would ensure this. The catch here is you need to select the right kind of office cleaning service company to achieve all the health and productivity benefits.

This guide will help you in shortlisting the best office cleaning company and would also update you with the essentials which characterise genuine and trustworthy office cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Experience

The company and its skilled workers must be well versed in cleaning commercial spaces like offices. They might be great at residential cleaning but you need to ensure if they have experience in office cleaning. 

Flexibility in Schedule 

While you are considering the cleaning of your office you need to ensure that the cleaning company is accommodative to work as per your employee\’s schedule. So, check if the cleaning company can send cleaning agents at your specified time.


Consistency is the key to cleaning. The crew that would clean your office must be punctual and consistent in cleaning the office which will eventually add up to collective cleanliness. 

Budget Friendly

While hiring a cleaning company, make sure that you have cross-checked their rates. You need to first set a particular budget and then fit the company which would fall under that budget.

Customizable Plans

To maximize your budget you should also be able to customize your plan to eventually get a possible value. For example, you may want to select just a few services for your weekly cleaning, but get your building\’s windows washed a few times per year.

Specific Industry Experience in Cleaning

Few industries would require a typical kind of cleaning to be performed. The machinery, the employees or the product would demand it. So if you come under such an industry, you need to ensure that the cleaning service company you choose is well versed in doing the task as required.

Medium of Communication

Having continuous communication is important while hiring a cleaning company to ask questions or share feedback. A company whose communication medium is simple and easy must be shortlisted for hiring.

Safety Training

Irrespective of the industry, safety and security is of prime importance. The same is the case with the cleaning industry as well. Workplace safety must be maintained and the cleaning agents must be trained for the same as well. 

The Hiring Practice

Before hiring a cleaning company, make sure to know their employee hiring process. Check if they are directly for their company or they do subcontract. If thorough background checks are done for all the employees must be ensured too. The cleaning agents must be trustworthy and reliable.

Low Turnover Rates

The cleaning crew must be comfortable to work in your facility and should understand your business as well. So make sure that you hire a company having a low turnover rate which will eventually ensure a consistent team of cleaning agents. 

Insurance and Licenses 

The cleaning company must be licensed to work in your community or state. The company must have liability insurance which will cover the issues that may be caused while they work in your company.

So, these are the things, which need to be checked before hiring a professional cleaning company for their services.

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