Office Cleaning

How To Clean An Office Thoroughly?

Cleaning your office is as important as your home or other premises. A neat and clean office gives a light and nice feeling, thus making your workforce productive. A messy office will always keep you and your team distracted. We often call office cleaning a simple exercise; however, it is not. There is so much work attached to office cleaning. Hiring a competent group dealing in office cleaning can help to keep your commercial spaces sparkling clean. When it comes to cleaning an office thoroughly, you should know how to clean it. We will check some steps as under: 

How Often Should You Clean Your Office Thoroughly?

You cannot clean your office without a thorough cleaning, which can sustain for a while; hence, it is not required every week. You may only be required to carry out a thorough cleaning of your office sometimes, especially when you have shifted to a hybrid system after the Covid times. 

However, it is vital to ensure that your office gets a thorough cleaning at regular intervals, mainly covering all the areas which remain the most neglected ones. So, generally speaking, you can go for a comprehensive office cleaning once every quarter or twice a year. This would depend upon the number of people employed in your office and how much mess they create.

Steps to Clean an Office Thoroughly

It is often a big task, and thus you need some extra team efforts to make things right. However, you can make your commercial space crystal clear by relying on any commercial cleaning services. You can further maintain the cleanliness on your own with a simple weekly or fortnightly cleaning at your end. Now, let us check the steps as under: 

1st Step – The Clearout 

You need your team to put in some extra effort, which can go ahead at the end of their working day before you start with the deep clean. Start clearing up the desk, and bring down the document folders and bags off the floor. This step will also help eliminate the junks in your office that could have been built over time. It can give you a satisfying experience of making the space clean. 

2nd Step – Move the Furniture 

You can bring all the furniture into your office’s middle space, allowing all the edges to come to light. Once you expose the edges, you will realise the floor’s colour difference. The floor beneath the furniture is rarely cleaned. 

3rd Step – Dust and Disinfect 

An excellent ambient office is optimally ventilated and is free from the dry dust over the surfaces. You must start it from the top of the room, rails, light fixtures and high shelving or tall furniture at once. You may require a step ladder or a good reach duster to help. Take care of the cabinets and desks without disturbing them or spreading dust accumulations. Lastly, don’t forget to clean the blinds as well. 

4th Step – The Floor 

Once you deal with the grime and dust, it’s time to head to the floor. You can run a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets on the floor and continue to do it once a week once you thoroughly clean the same. As you move the furniture away from the corners or walls, ensure you suck the dust from these spaces. However, to clean the carpet, you need special equipment. Hot water extraction helps take care of the fabric and get rid of the bacteria and dirt from the carpet. You need to run the vacuum cleaner before you mop the space on all the hard floors. Lastly, keep in mind to pay extra attention towards the edges and corners that are rarely cleaned. 

5th Step – Re-organise 

Once you thoroughly clean your office floors, you must bring back all the furniture and re-organise the space. Place all the furniture in its proper places, get back the desktops and enjoy the new clean and light feeling around the office with your thorough cleaning. 


Thorough office cleaning is a daunting task. It requires proper planning, expertise and the right set of tools. Relying on a professional is always a better option than trying things on your own on any free or lazy weekend.