Clean and Simple Cleaning Tips for Treating Common Stains

Cleaning Tips for Treating Common Stains

Cleaning is not just a task; it is a technical endeavour that requires the right tools, the right solutions and also the right products to be used. That is why so many people find cleaning chores as relaxing as a therapy session. There is something satisfying about seeing different kinds of stains dissolving and disappearing smoothly from a surface, such as a tile.

There are so many liquids that can spill or dirt that can get accumulated over different areas of the house. Therefore, each problem would require a different approach towards cleaning them. Moreover, not all materials would respond well to the cleaning solution, so one must be mindful of that too.

However, if things get a little too out of hand, you can always rely on a reputed cleaning services company to get the job done. Always find a cleaning service company where they have enough experience and insurance for the unlikely event that any damages occur.

Let’s have a look at the different kinds of stains and how to treat them effectively.

Food Spills in Restaurants

When you are having a good time in your favourite restaurant, sometimes food tends to spill on your shirt, which makes it a difficult situation for you. Since you are at a restaurant, you cannot rush to your bathroom or your laundry room, which could set stains on the fabric. Also, it does not look good to have a clean shirt that has a stain in a social setting. In such a situation, this is what you do.

First of all, do not scrub the stain, or you will spread the food substance even more. Dab on the area with a cloth. In case cotton cloth is not available at the moment, use a piece of white bread. It will soak up the oil in the food and stop the stain from setting.

Now, use a salt shaker to put salt on the stained area and then use club soda to clean it off gently. You can use the corner of a napkin to soak up the stain and then wash the garment at home by using lemon juice on the stain later.

Blood Stains

One of the kinds of stains people do not consider tackling is blood stains. It happens when you least expect it. When you are chopping your vegetables in the kitchen, and suddenly, before you know it, you realise that you made a deep cut in your finger. Sometimes it takes time to realise the blood gushing out of our veins and falling on our clothes and the floor. If this happens, first things first, you must cater to your wound and cover the injury with a bandage or cloth.

Next, you focus on removing the stains from your garment, so it does not become permanent stains. Use the drugstore-available peroxide solution of concentration 3%. Soak the fabric in the peroxide solution and then wash it in your washing machine as normal.

If you do not have access to peroxide solution, you can use club soda to do the same. Apply the soda on the stain and let it sit before you wash it off in the washing machine.

Ink Stains

Ink stains are probably the scariest stains of all. If you get an ink stain on your jeans, there are high chances of you accepting the stain as it is rather than immediately doing something about it. But do not worry, as we have your back.

To remove ink stains, put a paper towel below the stain. Then apply rubbing alcohol solution to the area. After that is done, wash the cloth in hot water and be amazed by the results. It is advised to act on ink stains as soon as you find them, so the method is effective.

Red Wine

Red wine is surprisingly easy to spill on your clothes. And as you must be aware, they are difficult to get rid of. Not impossible, though. In the event that you spill your glass of wine over a tablecloth or your evening outfit, you can follow this trick. When the stain is fresh, soak the fabric and apply baking soda to it. Dab the area with a damp cloth and let the wine get soaked up in it.

Now use a bowl or bottle cap and secure the stained area on its brim by using an eclectic band. Apply salt to the fabric and let it sit for fifteen minutes. After this, use hot water and pour it through to fade the stain and then wash it normally. This should take care that the stain does not set and your evening dress isn’t ruined.

Sweat Stains

Sweat stains are easily the biggest enemy of a crisp white shirt. Your formal white shirt that goes with so many occasions gets tainted because of something as natural as sweating. But here is a great solution for this issue. The best part is it is easily available in your bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about buying something specific from the drugstore.

Use shampoo to rub the area of sweat stains, such as the collar of your white shirt. After soaking it for about half an hour, wash it normally in your regular laundry. For better results, use the shampoos that are made for oily hair, as they are more efficient in getting rid of oil, dirt and grime.

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