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About Us

Make life simple to create free time for busy people

At H&C Professional Cleaning, we believe in a clean environment. Consider us a big family brought together with the same beliefs and the same goals. That’s what makes us a strong company and the top choice for cleaning services Australia.

Through years of hard work and our dedication to cleanliness, we have built a reputation of trust among our treasured customers. H&C Professional Cleaning company isn't only for the elites. Everyone deserves a little break from household chores and some extra time doing what they love. Our fair pricing policies make cleaning services affordable for everyone.

Years of experience serving homes and businesses across the Hill District has set us at an unbeatable place in the local cleaning market. We deeply value the trust of customers have in us and continue to serve them with enthusiasm and dedication.

How are we different?

• We alway bring the customer satisfaction with every project we complete.
• All our work comes with complete insurance.
• Our cleaners are energetic, friendly, and professional at the same time. You'll love having them around
• Fair pricing makes cleaning completely trouble-free. Get a free quote today, and you'll know how much you'll pay before you even book us.
• We won't rest until you're satisfied. Not happy with the cleaning? Contact us within 24 hours, and we'll revisit the place to fix the problem.

Our Mission

H&C Professional Cleaning exists for customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide them with the best service every time. Whether it’s our customer services, house cleaning, or office cleaning, our goal is to impress you with all that we do.

Our Values

At H&C Professional Cleaning, our core value is to respect, value, and treat everyone with kindness. Not just our clients, but the staff, managers, and everyone else we deal with speak of our good morals. We continuously strive to build a healthy, harmonious work environment that lays a good impact on the employees and the clients.

Excellent Communication

Part of what makes us best are our excellent communication skills. Our primary focus is on what our client wants, and we adjust our services to meet their requirements and expectations. Internal communication among our administration and cleaners is as phenomenal as that with the clients. Since the administration can communicate the client's requirements to the cleaners perfectly, their performance will always be up to mark.


You can count on us at the time of need! You can set the cleaning schedules to suit your comfort, whether it’s before a major event or right after you move into a new home. Our professional cleaning service staff will be there on time to handle all your cleaning needs - you won’t find yourself waiting!


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