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Office Cleaning

What’s in the package?

If you’ve been searching for commercial cleaning services the Hills District, your hunt is over now! Suited perfectly to a commercial setup, here’s what we offer in our Office Cleaning package:

• Experienced, professional cleaners to sparkle the place without coming in the way of the office employees
• Non-toxic, non-allergic chemicals and products to maintain a healthy work environment
• Insurance against damages
• 24/7 customer service through phone calls, live chat, and email
Checklist for Cleaning Office Reception


Mop floors
Vacuum carpets
Mop staircases
Dust furniture
Dry-wipe decorations
Disinfect surfaces
Empty bins and replace liners
Wipe windows and doors
Disinfect doorknobs
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Clean toilet and toilet seat
Mop floor
Change toiletries
Clean sink and counter
Clean walls and mirrors
Disinfect surfaces and doorknobs
Replace toilet paper
What does office kitchen cleaning includes?

Office Kitchen

Clean stovetop
Clean microwave and large appliances from outside
Clean and disinfect countertop
Run dishwasher
Clean oven from outside
Clean cabinets and drawers from outside
Empty bins and replace liners
Wipe and disinfect sinks
Place dishes in cabinets
How do you clean office cubicles?

Cubicles and Office Rooms

Disinfect counters and desks
Empty bins and replace liners
Dust furniture, decorations, and electronics
Vacuum carpet
Mop floor
Clean cabinets from outside
Dust walls

Extra Addons

Inside cleaning of the refrigerator
Oven cleaning
Polish floor
Polish windows
Polish walls Skirting board wipe
Cabinets interior cleaning
Steam cleaning carpets
Parking space cleaning
Deep cleaning and disinfection
Pressure washing

What we don’t offer

Here’s what our office cleaning services will not include: Cleaning of chandeliers and light bulbs, pet waste, hazardous waste, areas that aren’t accessible by a step ladder, and gardening chores


The commercial cleaning company you can trust on!

A clean and tidy office helps you think straight. When that grime starts settling in, the work performance will automatically start dropping. Don’t let an unclean, unhygienic work environment keep your employees from giving in their 100%. If the cleaning chores bother you, let us handle it all for you while you continue achieving your goals! A sanitary, spotless, and well-organized office won't just push your employees to continue performing at their best. It will also leave a lasting impression on your clients. Whether you have a major business conference coming up or are about to close an important deal with a client, booking Office Cleaning at H&C Professional Cleaning can make all the difference! You may also read our blog for some office cleaning tips.

Commercial cleaning Hills District to the rescue!

We are already keeping hundreds of offices around the Hills District clean and tidy! Join our circle and enjoy the perks of a clean office. Every office is unique in its structure, design, and the nature of work that goes on there. That's precisely why our services are tailored to the specific requirements of the clients. We're available 7 days a week; you can pick a date and time you prefer for us to clean your office so that your employees aren't inconvenienced.

What makes us the best commercial cleaning company in town?

Whether you have a big office or a small one, H&C Professional Cleaning will provide the same excellent results each time. Book us online within minutes, get an estimate at the flat rates we offer and set an appointment at your convenience. Find our trained, equipped, and experienced cleaning team at your office on time. Before you know it, you'll witness a tip-top office without lifting a finger! Our teams of commercial cleaning professionals have years of experience in cleaning homes and offices across the Hills District and surrounding areas. They have the power to charm clients with their superior cleaning skills every time.



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