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End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning by H&C Professional Cleaning

Towards the end of the lease, it's important to leave your property putting its best self forward. Regardless of whether you're a landowner needing a deep clean before new inhabitants move in, or an occupant hoping to give your property one last clean before moving out, H&C Professional Cleaning provides the best end of lease cleaning Sydney service with an expert cleaning crew, well trained in End of Lease Cleaning and best-in-class chemicals and equipment for a quick and thorough cleaning project.

Our End of Lease Cleaning Services include

End of Lease all Rooms Cleaning

Rooms Cleaning Lineup

Vacuum carpets and rugs
Mop floors
Vacuum storage room spaces
Wipe windows
Wipe mirrors
Remove spots and dirt from walls
Cleaning boards

Kitchen Cleaning Lineup

Clean burner and reach hood of oil and grime
Cleaning inside and outside cupboards
Cleaning burner from inside and outside
Eliminate marks from walls
Wipe windows
Mop floor
Clean boards
Clean kitchen sink
Wipe knobs and handles
The Ultimate End of Lease Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom Cleaning Lineup

Clean toilets
Clean bathroom sink
Clean showerhead and water taps
Clean counter
Eliminate grime from tiles
Clean shower compartment/tub
Eliminate marks from walls
Clean inside and outside washroom cupboards
Clean soap dish
Mop bathroom floor
Wipe windows
Clean mirror
Clean boards

Our Cleaning Services Addons

Cleaning inside refrigerator
Garage or balcony cleaning
Steam cleaning carpets
Wall washing

Here’s what our End of lease Cleaning Services doesn't include

There are a few things that are not covered under our End of Lease Cleaning services. Here’s what we won’t do:
Cleaning chandeliers, bulbs, pet waste, human waste, or anything which could pose a hazard isn't included. Damaged fittings will also not be repaired by our team. Other than that, high spaces that aren't accessible by a ladder and gardening chores aren't included under our services either.


Get your real estate business booming

End of lease cleaning can be the one thing that sways the decision of potential buyers in the direction of your house. Our end of lease cleaners are well-equipped, knowledgeable, and experienced to turn just about any house into something the clients won't resist buying.


Get a quote today and get your space to look the best!

No more searching for End of Lease Cleaning services in Australia - book your property cleaning at H&C Professional Cleaning today and see how we make your space brighter! Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, or real estate agent, H&C Professional Cleaning is the solution to all your problems!



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