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Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning by H&C Professional Cleaning

Excited to move to your newly constructed house? What about all that mess that the builders left behind. Don't move until the mess has been taken care of. All that dust can take a toll on your health, especially if you already have allergies. Don't bother cleaning it yourself either, it's a tedious chore, and we'll happily do it for you.

With our experienced and dedicated staff, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and premium cleaning chemicals, dust will find nowhere to escape. We have been in the house cleaning business for years now. We have transformed many new houses from a pile of construction debris to beautiful, healthy spaces for the families to breathe in. Our construction cleaning service takes care of all the post-construction debris for you at phenomenal rates.

No match for our professional construction cleaners

Construction cleaning isn’t a job for everyone. A successful after builder’s clean calls for some special skill sets, protocols, and modern equipment to make the house livable. At H&C Professional Cleaning, we offer the best construction house cleaning service in the Hills District.

You can decide on things like decorating the living room, which curtains will go in each of the rooms, and the ultimate question of who will take which room? Meanwhile, with construction cleaning, we aim at removing heavy layers of dust and debris from surfaces across the house, inside and outside.

Enjoy new changes with renovation cleaning!

Our expertise isn’t limited to construction cleaning. We also offer home cleaning services for you to make the most out of your renovation projects. If you’re planning to get your flooring replaced or plan on including an additional bathroom to the original design, don’t forget to book a construction cleaning service with us. We’ll make sure your home is dust-free and spotless in just a couple of hours.

Construction Cleaning for smart homeowners

Don’t settle for a dusty environment - it’s a serious health hazard! Make the right decision and book construction cleaning today. Here’s what’s included:

● Pressure wash outside the house

● Clean windows, inside and outside

● Wipe walls and ceiling

● Debris removal from floors

● Wipe light switches

● Clean bathrooms

● Clean kitchen

● All other deep cleaning essentials for complete house cleaning


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